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Jingle Bell Beach VOLUNTEERS

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Join us to be part of the best Vacation Bible School celebration...Jingle Bell Beach!

Kids will learn why we celebrate Christmas every year, and that the celebration is not just for December 25! There seems to be some debate as to what makes Christmas "Christmas." We'll clear the air and focus on the real meaning of Christmas - Jesus.

In case you're not familiar with what the week looks like, click over to our registration site to see how it works, and to see descriptions of this year's camps.

It takes over 100 volunteers to make our Vacation Bible School happen each summer. We heartily appreciate all you do to make our program a success.

Each volunteer position has specific age requirements, although it will allow you to choose any age, please follow the requirements as they are listed. Volunteers 18 and older must pass a criminal background check BEFORE serving in any position that involves direct contact with kids. Background check forms need to be completed AND processed no later than July 1. Don't delay in signing up!!

Here's what you can expect to do in each area. If you have questions about any position, please don't hesitate to ask.

  • Rookie Site Directors: These volunteers organize, guide, and lead the daily activities that have been planned for the week at a site designed for our youngest VBS participants; games, arts and crafts, Bible study, music, and afternoon activities for Rookies that are staying all day. This post is open to adults/college age students only. Being able to follow a basic teaching plan and helping mentor our youth volunteers is helpful. This is a morning only commitment.

  • Rookie Afternoon Activities Director: Rookies that stay through the afternoon need something to do! This person helps plan the activities, and oversees the activities and volunteers in the afternoons each day of VBS. This post is open to adults/college age students only. Being able to be organized and mentor youth volunteers is a plus. This volunteer serves each day of VBS from 11:30-3:00.

  • Rookie Small Group Guides: These volunteers guide a group of our Rookies around to the various activities throughout the morning. Having a heart for mentoring the youngest kids, and a gift of patience is a must for serving with the Rookies. This post is open to adults/college and/or high school students. We need volunteers who can serve either in the morning only, or all day.

  • Rookie Small Group Helper: This position is a great first serve opportunity for junior high/middle school students. Our littlest campers look up to the older students, and our Rookie small groups need your energy! We need volunteers who can serve either in the morning only, or all day.

  • Rookie Site Assistant Leader: This is another great first serve opportunity for junior high/middle school students, but is open to all ages. Help lead the Rookies in their activities in your chosen site; Games, Arts and Crafts, Bible study, Music, Nursery and Afternoon Activities. We need volunteers who can serve either in the morning only, or all day.

  • Arts Tracks - Small Group Guides: Adults, College and High School Students guide a small group of students through their activities in their chosen camp. This is a great role for someone who is organized and time aware, and willing to build relationships with the kids. **This is a full-day commitment.

  • Arts Tracks Site Helpers: These volunteers help things run smoothly as the campers visit each site rotation. All ages are invited to serve in this area. This is a full day commitment.

  • Supplies Coordinator: This highly organized adult will prepare all supplies for the various Rookie and Arts camp sites, and organize/pack up supplies when the week is over. The bulk of the work in this area is done in the weeks leading up to VBS. During the week of VBS, this person/team will need to help pack unused supplies away. This can be done in the day or evenings during that week.

  • Snack Coordinator: This person will plan out all the snacks for the week - we serve 2 each day. This Adult volunteer will guide their group of student volunteers in preparing and serving the snacks each day during VBS. This volunteer does prep work in the weeks prior to VBS, and must be available during VBS as well.

  • Decorating Team: This highly creative team works to turn our building into a Christmas Beach! They gather ideas and create, assemble, and place their creations throughout the building to create a welcoming atmosphere for our guests! This team does their work in the weeks leading up to VBS. Decorating the building takes place on July 13 and 14.

  • VBS Administration Team: This team of volunteers works to prepare group lists, name tags, organizes registration data for VBS week. Are you proficient in Microsoft Excel?? This is for YOU! We also need volunteers to serve during the week of VBS to help get kids signed in each morning, and other "behind the scenes" tasks that happen in the VBS office! The people on this team help organize data in the weeks between the close of Registration and the start of VBS. During the week of VBS, help is needed primarily in the mornings.

  • Hospitality Team: This team helps us care for our volunteers during the week of VBS. Help by making coffee, providing treats...basically spoiling our volunteers each day! Please indicate what days you can serve, and either morning or afternoon.

  • Clean up Crew: This team helps put our building back to its pre-VBS state at the beginning of the week. July 20 - afternoon and evening.

  • VBS Dinner Team: having the gift of hospitality is a must for this volunteer position. Help serve the dinner and clean up afterwards. All ages are welcome to serve in this area...even if they serve at VBS during the week. July 20 - evening.

  • Drop in Volunteer: if you have a limited amount of time, but want to serve in some way, this is the position for you. You can indicate WHEN you are available to serve, but not WHERE. During the time that you are available, we will assign you to a position that is needed for that particular day and time.

As you see, there is a lot to do to make VBS happen each year. We need all hands on deck, and would love to have you be a part of our team!

Please call if you have questions; I'm happy to give answers and clarify anything for you.

Jeni Walker, Director of Children's and Family Ministry;

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Attendee Types

  • $0 – Rookie Site Director - Adult/College
  • $0 – Rookie Afternoon Activity Director- Adult/College
  • $0 – Rookie Site Assistant Leader - All Ages
  • $0 – Rookie Small Group Guide - Adult/College/High School Junior or Senior
  • $0 – Rookie Small Group Helper - Jr. High
  • $0 – Arts Camps Site Directors Full
  • $0 – Arts Camps Site Helpers - Anyone
  • $0 – Arts Camp Small Group Guides - Adult/College/High School Junior or Senior
  • $0 – Supply Coordinator - Adult/College
  • $0 – VBS Snack Coordinator - Adult
  • $0 – VBS Administration - Adults/College
  • $0 – Decorating Team - All Ages
  • $0 – Clean Up Crew - All Ages
  • $0 – Dinner Servers - All Ages
  • $0 – Drop-In volunteer
  • $0 – Hospitality Team

Optional Add-Ons

  • Dinner Ticket: $5
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